Take this challenge and tune into what you’re sensing in the present moment; relieve the stress.

Day 1

Take some time to acknowledge everything that surrounds you.

Day 2

Close your eyes and practice deep breathing for 2 minutes.

Day 3

Write down 3 things you are grateful for.

Day 4

Go offline for 1 hour.

Day 5

Write down a list of 10 small things that make you happy

Day 6

Express how you feel; write it down.

Day 7

Meditate for 5 minutes.

Day 8

Talk to a dear friend.

Day 9

Stretch for 5 minutes after waking up.

Day 10

Sit in silence for 10 minutes. Don’t forget to inhale and exhale.

Being mindful makes it easier to savor the pleasures in life as they occur. We hope you can take this challenge. Stay Safe!

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